Business and Technology Consulting

Is running your business ruining your business? Do you feel bogged down? Do you think your company should be able to accomplish more with the existing resources? If so, you may benefit from having an outside firm analyze your business practices.

Process and Resource Modeling
  • Employee skills analysis

    LFI can provide a detailed resource map to help ensure your employees are being utilized to the maximum of their potential. We'll identify the sepcific strengths and weaknesses of your current staff. Under performing assets can be modified and under utilized resources can be reassigned.

  • Where do roadblocks and hurdles occur?

    Every organization encounters roadblocks that can be difficult to see from within. Roadblocks in business processes will reduce your effective and profitibility. We can help you isolate and remove roadclocks.

  • Where can efficiencies be gained?

    Inefficiencies sap your manpower and effectiveness. Every organization can benefit from streamlining process, removing unnecesasry redundancies, and improving communications.

Technology solution assessment
  • Understand your business vision

  • Catalog your current solutions

  • Map business goals to technology needs

  • Implement the Solutions!

Business Unit Integration
  • Process Modeling & the UML

  • ERP Systems

  • Over a Dozen Industry Verticals

  • Successful Liaising between Business Units

Business Services

  • Process modeling
  • Technology assessment
  • ERP & CMS installation
  • Business unit integration

Cloud and Network

  • Network analysis
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reduce your servers
  • Improve your uptime

Mobile Applications

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Phone & 8
  • Mobile websites

Custom Software

  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Databases
  • Data modeling and conversion