Cloud and Network

Cloud computing delivers unprecedented reliabiltiy, scalability, and affordability. Moving part or all of your operation to the cloud could vastly decrease your operations cost while improving your services. LFI can architect the right solution for your needs for a smooth transition to the cloud.

Why the Cloud?
  • 99.99% Up-time

    Cloud services use thousands of interconected servers, dedicated backup systems, automatice rollovers, self-monitoring systems, and a host of other technologies to ensure maximum up time and reliability.

  • Ensured Business Continuity

    Because of their extreme reliability, cloud services limit the interuptions your business suffers such as power outages and network failures.

  • Extremely Cost-Competitive

    Cloud services are extremely cost effective. Systems tend to be "pay as you go" meaning that you only pay for the resources you use instead of shelling out tons of money up front for in house servers. This also means you can increase your resources as needed without purchasing, installing, and configuring new hardware.

  • No Additional Staff Needed

    Cloud hosted solutions require very little hands on maintenace. This means that your technical manpower requirements don't have to grow just becuase your business does.

Network analysis
  • Outdated or obsolete server room tech?

  • Problems working outside the office?

  • Immediate needs for expansion?

  • Multiple locations?

Platform of your choice
  • Microsoft Windows Azure

  • Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2)

  • Rackspace & Rackspace Cloud

  • Cloud-Based Application Development

Business Services

  • Process modeling
  • Technology assessment
  • ERP & CMS installation
  • Business unit integration

Cloud and Network

  • Network analysis
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reduce your servers
  • Improve your uptime

Mobile Applications

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Phone & 8
  • Mobile websites

Custom Software

  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Databases
  • Data modeling and conversion