The era of mobile computing has begun. Mobile adoption is one of the fastest growing sectors in technology. More and more people use mobile devices as their primary means of accessing the Internet, communications, and shopping.

To be competitive, you need to offer your staff and customers new and innovative ways to access data, stay in touch, and connect with your business.

LFI can help you asses your mobile needs and engineer a solution tailor made to your audience. We build applications for every major platform in the market today.

Mobile solutions
  • iPhone and iPad

    Apple's iPhone and iPad are stalwart players in the mobile arena. The iPhone is the phone that started it all and has an intensely loyal following. If you are trying to reach the consumer market you simply cannot afford to ignore iOS.

  • Android

    With over 50% market share, Android is unquestionably the dominate player. LFI can build applications for you to tap into this enormous market. If you need mobile services for your workforce, Android offers the largest variety of devices and price points, and LFI can help create a solution that fits your needs.

  • Windows 8 and Windows Phone

    Windows 8 is an operating system designed from the ground up for touch friendly, mobile computing. Windows Phone is the fastest growing segment of hte mobile market place, with more new devices begin added all the time. If your business runs on Microsoft Office, there is no better combination for your mobile needs than Windows 8 and Windows Phone. LFI can help you get in on the ground floor of this exciting new opportunity.

  • Mobile Web Apps

    Browsing web sites on a mobile device can be frustrating and downright painful. Most web sites are not designed to adapt to smaller screen sizes, and a poor experience can lead to the loss of a customer. At LFI, we believe in crafting web applications that work well on the desktop, tablet and phone. We also create dedicated web applications that target mobile devices when the situation demands.

Business Services

  • Process modeling
  • Technology assessment
  • ERP & CMS installation
  • Business unit integration

Cloud and Network

  • Network analysis
  • Cloud hosting
  • Reduce your servers
  • Improve your uptime

Mobile Applications

  • iPhone and iPad
  • Android
  • Windows Phone & 8
  • Mobile websites

Custom Software

  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Databases
  • Data modeling and conversion